Weight Loss Program

I am a full on believer that a diet isn't a one size fits all type of deal. Yes, you could google "Diet" and 50 million links will be available at your finger tips. This is where the term Yo-Yo dieting was coined. It literally seems like you have to find the one that clicks and helps you achieve your goals. But! What if it was simpler than that? What if you just made very simple tweaks to what you are already eating, changed the relationship you have with yourself, and set small tangible goals to help get you to where you want to be? 

This is where working with a weight loss coach is so beneficial. I have combined Life coaching with weight loss to deal with the whole body & mind. You see, I view obesity and weight gain as a symptom of some emotional turmoil because that was my story. I kept squashing down my emotions and not dealing with my baggage and the effects were showing up as emotional eating & assaulting myself with negative thoughts about my body and my worth. When I tackled the emotional baggage, the weight loss became so much more tangible & I started to treat myself with compassion. 

With this program you will gain so much more than just weight loss. You will gain confidence, self worth and appreciation. You will walk away feeling victorious and have the tools to make weight loss a permanent state of mind. Plus, you get ME as an accountability partner & mentor throughout the six weeks. Buckle up butter cup, because this ride is going to change your life!

It all starts out with getting to know you. Download the intake form and answer the questions openly & honestly. I need to be able to understand your lifestyle & the relationship you have with yourself currently. 

This form is due TWO days prior to your scheduled appointment. From the information provided I will break down your food diary and provide insights on what you can do now to make the biggest impact on your diet. It will also allow me to create a map of what we need to work on throughout the 6 weeks we are together. 

The first session will be 90 minutes as there is a lot to cover. Every session from there in will be 60 minutes. We will have daily check ins via text before 8 AM that will ask for your meal plan & exercise for that day. Each session we will go over the week prior and create a game plan for the upcoming week & talk through any issues you may be having and make tweaks accordingly. 

A big perk of working with me is unlimited text messages during the 6 weeks. If your about to reach for that sugar because your having a hard day, reach for your phone and message me. This has been my clients life-saver and a perk they truly deem valuable. 

Are You Ready to Make A Change?

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