Emma Powell - Meal Planning 101

A home-school mother of six in business school full-time and working two part-time jobs as a professional photographer, Emma Powell has to make meal planning simple yet powerful enough to get such a big job done! She's developed a simple and flexible system to get everyone fed even on special diets. Emma integrates the meal planning issues rooted in so many areas of our lives from budget, diets, parenting, time management, food science, cooking skills (or lack thereof), and housekeeping that make this task so difficult to stay on top of. You'll get a practical, flexible system and no-nonsense tips delivered with passion and humor from the trenches of experience.

Suzanne Charioui - You Need a Budget

Suzanne has a lot of marbles in her basket. She is a Mom, Wife and holds a full-time job. Since her husband has a demanding job, she is charged with managing the finances, the household and her family's daily lives. Suzanne has been working in the financial realm for 12 years and has a vast knowledge of re-gaining control over personal credit, and budgeting for personal finances. Say NO to the "Bill shuffle" and YES to growing a savings and conquering your finances!

Suzanne is also the founder of Women's Guide to Sanity.

Jessie Morin - Age Appropriate Chores

Jessie is a proud and busy, working mother of 5 children (ages 16-5). You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but she also is a chore chart sorcerer!  Let her help empower you, your children, and your spouse in gaining back your rights to have fun with your family! Her children have been tending to domestic chores since they were born. Let her show you that stressing about the car being cleaned, dinner being made, laundry being folded and everything in-between does NOT have to be your only role in your household.  Jessie is a fun, energetic, creative, resourceful mama and will help you to believe in having fun with your children once again!

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