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We all have a lot on our plate, being a Woman is much more than a gender. We are in charge of: the home, the kids, the inner workings of organizing our lives, and nourishing not only the belly's but the souls of our families. Don't forget, we are also in charge of nourishing Ourselves.

Answer these questions honestly;

1. How often do you set aside time for yourself?

2. Do you regularly set aside time for your passions?

3. Do you feel like "somethings got to give" on a regular basis?

4. Are you frustrated that you can never tackle all of your to do list?

5. Lastly- Do you feel a little lacking in the friends department?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are NOT alone. You are one of many in the community if not the United States! Losing yourself to take care of family first is not a sacrifice, but an injustice to yourself. Your family will benefit 10-fold when you are fulfilled. Your better able to care for them & meet their needs. Even more, they will get to learn how truly awesome of a woman you truly are.

WGTS is about connecting Women within our community and helping them find peace in this multi-tasking, fast paced world. We are all about having fun, providing a learning experience and finding sanity in our lives.

Each month look for invites for:

1st Saturday - Support a local independent business owner night.

WGTS is all about supporting our Women community, and many of us have a little side business to gain a little more financial freedom. If you have a product you believe in and want to share that with the community, let us know! Host a gathering in your house with a small presentation and then have a fun filled night with laughter and talk sessions!

2nd Saturday - unWINEd Night

Our signature get together! Host a wine gathering at your home! Guest to bring their favorite bottle of wine, and have an awesome game night. WGTS will provide the hilariously fun games and help the host with the appetizers/finger foods.

4th Saturday - Session Day!

These monthly sessions are geared toward making our daily lives more manageable. Our first session is about Meal Planning and tackling the kitchen! We are currently working on May's session, but will involve creating a side hustle from your own passions and learning to freelance write from home!

Quarterly Get-togethers!

Clothing SWAP:

Do you have clothing that you are less interested in and looking to revamp your closet without spending money on a new wardrobe? We got you covered! Bring your gently used clothes and swap among each other. Women and Children clothing are welcome! All clothing not taken will be donated to Dress for success and a local children's home.

Find time to set aside 1-2 Saturday's a month to join us in nourishing ourselves and finding growth as a Woman community. Join OUR Tribe!

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