The Journey Begins when your Pain exceeds your Fear.

I can't tell you how many times I would refuse to acknowledge myself in a mirror OR completely launch a self assault in the 5 seconds it took to glance. I hated going clothes shopping since I would break a sweat trying to pull on a pair of jeans and then watch my tummy pool over the top. I would leave causing so much harm to my self esteem and go forage for my comfort food, because I had a bad day. At my heaviest I weight 256 lbs. I tried so many diet & exercise programs, and hired fitness trainers. I bought magic pills, shakes & patches. I tried Juicing for 10 days, going vegetarian, and even paleo. I searched "How to Lose Weight Fast", "How to lose Belly Fat", "Keto Diet", "Atkins Diet", "The Cookie Diet" Cause why NOT? Even though I managed to lose a little weight, I would gain most (if not all or more) of it back. Ultimately, I thought I was always going to be big, and might as well embrace it. 

On April 30th of 2018, I got really pissed off. I sat on my back patio and phoned a friend. "How do you keep Focus" I asked. "I feel like I am constantly starting something and then I let it go or lose interest. I desperately want to change my body & how I feel about myself." My friend saved my life that day. She introduced me to a strict diet, coached me through it daily, and made me send her the most embarrassing photos of me trying to jam my butt into 2 size too small jeans that I couldn't even button. Not a morale boost. I detoxed from Sugar, watched my potassium and kept chugging along until eating another egg and/or an avocado became gag worthy. By June of 2018 I was down 25 lbs and feeling great, but still, I felt a sort of emptiness or lack of purpose. I started to wonder if I could continue on this plan until I hit my goal weight of 185 (I'm 5'9"). The truth was NO. I love flavor, and cooking two meals at every dinner was not feasible for my family of 5. 

Around this time, I stumbled upon a Facebook video by Jay Shetty on Finding Your Purpose & my world was ROCKED. Yes Jay, YES! I wanted to find my purpose and on top of that, figure out what Jay does, because that's what I need to be DOING. After scouring the world wide web, I fell upon life coaching and saw a check list of characteristics that life coaches had. While I didn't have a single line checked, I knew that's who I wanted to be. So I researched coaching certifications and found the Rayner Institute where I would complete the ACC coaching certification course. While going through the course, I learned so much about my thoughts and how our limiting beliefs and our subconscious keeps us from achieving the results we crave. I started applying these concepts in my life and low and behold, the weight kept falling off. At this point, I had abandoned the crazy strict diet & stuck to eliminating only wheat and sugar. Which meant I could ENJOY food again. 

I felt so good, that I actually started working out in the comfort of my own home & with my friends on occasion. I started to realize the connection between the emotional state and the weight that is on your body. I educated myself on the science of weight gain & how hormones play a HUGE part in fat storage & fat adaptation. I became aware of my thoughts and learned how to re-write my story into a story of a victor & not a victim. When life throat punched me (and it still does) I was able to stand back up and fight back. Because I was worth fighting for, I am worth the life I want to live, and so are you. 

I work with women in all walks of life with all different backgrounds, the only common thread they share is the willingness to change into who they are meant to be. Powerful, Confident, Beautiful inside & out, Loving Women. 

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