Womanhood can be hard.

We're expected to be ORGANIZED in all aspects of our lives.

NURTURER & NOURISHER to those around us.

We're supposed to be the GLUE to keep our families running & cared for.

MANAGERS of our household and the lives of those who live in it.

LOVERS to our spouses.

How about CRAFTY & THRIFTY because we are tasked with managing the finances.

But... Where do you find the time to RE-FUEL yourself and live out your PASSION?

Do we Run on a Critically Low Battery?

Here are TWO scenarios to consider:

You're up at 6 AM, making lunches, working out or getting ready for the day.Then we're taking care of children either to get them ready for school, or get them into their day routines at home. All the while you're multi-tasking: Cleaning, Playing, Cooking, Laundry, Paying Bills, Craft time with the littles, working on your projects or side hustle during nap time. Serving dinner, cleaning up, prepping for tomorrow, putting away the laundry (if you're that type of person). Now it's time to start bed routine with baths, chasing kids down who prefer to be naked instead of clothed in pajamas. We finally get them into bed, read a story, and now its 9 or 10 PM, you're drained and can only offer one word sentences to your spouse. You may sit and mind numb on social media for a while or you may watch reality T.V., because "those people crazy." Before you know it, it's 11:30 PM and you drag off to bed knowing that you just screwed yourself, and that alarm is going off in 6 hours. 

You're up at 5 AM, making lunches, working out or getting ready for the day. You're getting your children ready for school, breakfast, lunches and backpacks are ready. You look at the clock and realize you are running 20 minutes behind schedule and the best you can do with yourself is a messy bun, foundation & mascara and MAYBE a pop of lipstick. You grab your coffee and rush out the door, remembering you left your lunch on the counter, but you've gone too far, it's the point of no going back because your at the end of your block, and the clock is ticking. You get to work, and are dealing with deadlines the moment you walk in, or customers are waiting for you and you didn't get your "ease into work" time. Lunch rolls around, you grab whatever snacks that you can find that don't fall into your diet plan, but you swear tomorrow will be different. After 8 hours (that really felt like 14) you're commuting home and trying to find just a little bit of peace...but the traffic. Once you pull into your driveway and walk into your home, the words 'What's for dinner?" is flying at you full steam. You drop your stuff, and immediately put on the mom hat, and are now multi-tasking homework, cooking & cleaning all at once. Once dinner is done, you go and change your clothes, and by then it's the kids bedtime, you forget you asked them to make their lunches, and send them to bed. It's your time now and you either do any of the following: Work on your side hustle, work on a project you have, work on meal planning, social media numb, or get lost in T.V. Before you know it ... it's almost midnight, and you have just depleted your energy banks and drag your feet to bed. As you're trying to fall asleep, the tasks of tomorrow fill your thoughts and sleep feels so far away. You feel like you've just drifted to sleep and then... Beep, Beep, Beep, here we go again.




We can all find ourselves in any portion of those scenarios, the thing is, it's so hard to recognize a pattern in our lives that just isn't working. We don't have the tools or knowledge on how to make it better and therefore keep repeating those patterns. 

Life Can Be So Much More

Through coaching, I am able to pinpoint areas in your life that can be better, whether through routines, thought patterns, habitual activities, and even organization. In my Exclusive 90 Day Coaching Program: Thriving Through Sanity, you're going to go through a total of 10 steps to completely transform your life. I know it works, because I tested it in my own life and I can vouch for me and my countless other clients who have been through the program. 


Karen Currie

Co-Founder of WGTS

Mastermind & Planner of Events

A multi-talented woman, mom, and wife, Karen has dabbled in a lot of different career fields, however event planning has always called her name. She has the ability to turn an ordinary room into one of pure inspiration. She puts together our speaking events, retreats, and if you live in the Greater Austin Area, she masterminds our women's group activities that we host once a month. 

She keeps us grounded and organized and is completely brilliant when coming up with new and exciting things that we will be announcing in the upcoming months. 

If you are interested in hosting a group coaching party, booking Suzanne for a speaking engagement, or have questions regarding an upcoming event or retreat, contact Karen at:

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